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Remove Visual Clutter from Redmi Note 7 Pro– MIUI 11 Problems

Solve problems in redmi note 7 | Heating issues and hanging problems

Hello reader, in this post, we are going to provide some steps to solve visual clutter problems, heating problems and hanging issues in Redmi note 7 pro after MIUI 11 Pro. The  Suggestions which I am going to share with you will help you to solve some problems in Redmi Note 7 pro

  1. Turn off MIUI optimization.

If you love speed and don’t care too much about visual effects, then you can turn off the miui optimization. This option will allow regaining your Smartphone speed. After Turning off MIUI optimization  feature, you might see some minor changes in visual effects 

How to Turn off miui Optimization?

 1.Go to about phone section and click on MIUI version  five times to enable Developer Mode

remove visual cluter redmi note 7 pro

2.After that Go to Setting  > Additional settings > Developer options.

Turn off optimization redmi note 7 pro

3. Scroll to the bottom and click on the button next to “Turn on MIUI opitimisation”

4.After Turning it off, restart your phone


5. Thi Suggestion will boost the speed of your phone without compromising too much with visual effects

2. Turn off Full Display Mode

Many users of Redmi note 7 pro have reported that the Full Display mode in redmi note 7 pro is causing lags and slowing down the performance of their phones. if you are one of the users who uses full display mode in redmi note 7 pro, then surely you might have faced the same issue

How to Turn off Full Display Mode in redmi note 7 pro?

Simply go to Setting > Developers > Fullscreen mode. Switch back to Buttons options


Clarification -I know it’s very simple but everyone is not geeky like you 😊😉

3. Make Use of Third-party Cleaner Apps

As we all know that MIUI 11 features with its own built own cleaner, but believe me that not sufficient to clean your device and make it run smoother. These apps will also help you to solve redmi note 7 pro heating issue

The only option is to use third-party applications like Clean Master, C cleaner, AVG mobile cleaner and Clean Droid


I have provided some details below of each app mentioned above

Clean master


🌪️ Phone Cleaner

Clean Master helps clean up your phone with its powerful clean features like Junk Clean   and notification Cleaner

Junk Clean – Clean Master helps to remove junk, residual or cache files that slow down your phone to free up storage space.

Notification Cleaner – Clean Master integrates all notifications and you can clear all junk notification after reading the useful messages.


C cleaner

✔ Storage cleaner

✔ Memory Cleaner (RAM booster)

✔ System monitor


AVG Cleaner

Get more space – clean junk, cache files, memory, unwanted apps and bad & similar photos

Get more power & boost – optimize and extend battery life

Set & forget – receive customizable reminders to clean your device


Clean Droid







4. Disable  unnecessary Features 

You can disable the features which you don’t use 


  1. Turn off App Vault feature in your phone  by going to Settings > 🏠Home Screen


  1. Disable to Slide up to open the browser by going to  Settings > 🏠Home Screen > turn             off the option “Swipe up on the screen to open search bar”


5.Additional Tips

✔ Delete Second Space

✔ Turn off Face unlock

✔ Uninstall Bloatware from phone

✔ turn off Wallpaper carousel


I hope these suggestions will help you to tackle the problems you are facing with redmi note 7 pro. If you face any problem while trying above methods, you simply revert it to its default settings and comment below the problem 




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