Kodular Version 1.4.2 Details 1
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Major Changes

  • Improved Blockly performance
    We’ve tweaked the way Blockly compiles, so your blocks will now load and run faster

  • Treated com.appybuilder.email.app_name as default package for commission
    This doesn’t increase commission when using the equivalent AppyBuilder package name

New Blocks

New Events

  • Added Got Value event to Push Notifications

  • image

New Methods

  • Added Get Value method to Push Notifications

  • image

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken help URLs in the Blocks Editor

  • Fixed Facebook Ads components (currently using audience-network-5.5.0)

  • Fixed issue with Billing events which were not being triggered

  • Push Notifications component was crashing in some projects
    • Fixed GetAvailableTags & GotAvaliableTags in Push Notifications
    • Updated OneSignal library
  • Fixed Bluetooth Admin bug which had previously broken the component


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