If you are wondering how to Install Youtube And other Apps on  Windows 10, Today we will guide you on how to install the Applications of every Websites on Your Windows 10.

By Installing the Applications on your Windows, It will not only allow you to Directly access to your Favourite Site but Also Gives a distraction-free Environment to increase your Productivity. You’ll feel a completely new experience of browsing the site in App mode. If your a freelancer and or You work most of the time on Web, Then This Guide will really help to boost your works

In this Guide, We will explain to you How to install Youtube on Windows 10, But you can Follow the Same Tricks for other Websites

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You’ll Learn To install the Following App on your Window 10 Using the Same Trick

  • Youtube
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Gaana
  • Google Ads
  • Google Docs
  • Facebook


Steps To Install Youtube And other Apps on  Windows 10

  1. Download Microsoft Edge Beta from This Link

Download Now

  •  Install The Microsoft Edge Beta on your Windows 10.

install apps on windows 10

  • Next, open the Edge Beta on your computer and visit YouTube Site
  • Look for 3 horizontal dots on the upper Right Corner And Click on it

Install Youtube And other Apps on  Windows 10 (Secret) 1

  • Look For the Apps Option in the Menu Section And Click On it

install apps on windows 10

  • Finally, Click on Install this Site As an App and you’re good to go
  • Browse To Windows Desktop And Click on Youtube icon and Congrats Your app is now ready to useInstall Youtube And other Apps on  Windows 10 (Secret) 2
  • You can use this same above trick to install any website Application on your Site
  • I hope this Tutorial Helped You

**Before installing the app, Wait for the Website to Fully Load




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