Check eligibility for Paytm First Card

How to know if you are eligible for Paytm First Card (Secret Trick) 1

How to know if you are eligible for Paytm First Card (Secret Trick)

Hello chaskers, We are back with another new secret trick by which you can check your eligibility for paytm first card, While if you are unaware of paytm first card read below article to know all details about Paytm First Card or scroll below to know the trick

About Paytm First Card | 

Paytm has introduced a new credit, called Paytm First Card, in partnership with Citibank, in which you can get a loan of amount upto 1 lac rupees

Interested customers can get the new credit card by applying directly from the company’s official app. But, you will get Paytm the First card on the basis of your digital behaviour, as per the company. Interestingly, the card will give users Paytm promo codes worth Rs 10,000, if they spend a minimum amount of Rs 10,000. Additionally, the card is also accepted in India and internationally, unlike the Paytm Debit card.

Furthermore, if you want to use the Paytm First Card, you will be required to pay an annual fee of Rs 500. But, the charged fee will be waived off if the spends exceed Rs 50,000 per year, as per Paytm.

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Check eligibility for paytm first card (Secret Trick)

1: Update the paytm app to the latest version if not already *

2: Open the paytm app and go to your paytm postpaid section 

3: Clear all previous dues if not already 

4: Now you can check the eligibilty by following below 3 steps

5: Close all app including paytm and clear cache  of paytm app (remember to clear cache, not data)

6: Open paytm app and again go to the postpaid section,, 

7: If you see a message that your paytm account is currently on hold, while we hate most of the holds, but this hold is special,

How to know if you are eligible for Paytm First Card (Secret Trick) 2

This hold means you are eligible for paytm first card, However, the company has not confirmed about this, but we can make a guess from this hint

How to know if you are eligible for Paytm First Card (Secret Trick) 3

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