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Today’s Deal : Welcome guys, today we bring you an amazing STEAL DEAL on Furniture Cafe Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf. The product is available at an amazing price of ₹998, while it’s original price is ₹2,002. So, you are getting a straight 67% Discount.

Furniture Cafe Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf

Racks and Shelves/Wall Shelf/Book Shelf/Wall Decoration

Get Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf at a discounted price ₹998 ( STEAL DEALS ) 1

Offer Price : ₹998

Original Price : ₹2,002


Colour Options : Brown / Mahogany / Wenge

Product Description

The Corner Zig Zag Wall Mount Shelf comes with its unique design that fits perfect on the walls of your home as well as your office as a mounting wall shelving unit. It has 5 shelf rack spaces to keep your special antique or show piece items. The shelf’s bestselling color remains the Laminated Walnut one which happens to be very sophisticated and looks great on just about any wall color. The intact structure of this wall mount shelf helps in its proper fitting between the corners of your walls. It has been coated with special MDF Lamination which gives it a very smooth and a contemporary look. The dimensions of the shelf are spacious for placing your decorative items or even your favourite novels. It comes with very simple to follow instructions that leads to a hassle-free assembling of the shelf to the corner of your walls.
  The Laminated Walnut colored Corner Zig Zag Wall Mount Shelf from Furniture Cafe is a contemporary styled wall shelf in furniture category that is best to help you design your house with a chic look without much ado. The attractive design and structure of the shelf has been a result of proper architectural research done on the dimensions of the Indian Styled houses, such that it fits perfect in any and every home and best fits as a living room shelf. The look of the shelf will give a unique perspective to your living room, bedroom, dining room and your office too. Additionally the shelf is an easy-to-assemble decorative furniture item which can be mounted on your wall within a few minutes. The Corner Zig Zag Wall Mount shelf combines of 5 shelf spaces in just 1 piece. The elongated design of the shelf provides enough shelving space to store your daily items like your cosmetics, show pieces, novels, antique items etc. These 5 shelves are faced in the alternate directions one by one, which makes the overall look of the shelf very appealing and modern. The material of the corner shelf is that of Laminated MDF, which gives it a matte look.
wall shelf

Save space stylishly with this corner wall mount shelf. It takes up less visual space, and because there’s no back, it takes up less actual space as well. The zigzag design of the shelf ensures that you can use the available space on the shelf efficiently.
Fusing creativity and efficiency, this shelf shows us how fun organizing can be!
This unique & Wonderful spacious corner shelf has a fun and artsy design that will add to any wall decor you have. Five shelves are lined up on this laminated walnut MDF piece on opposite sides, forming a corner shelf on both walls.


How to get the Product

Get the Product : Click Here 


  • Material: Laminated MDF, ENGINEERED WOOD, Color: Walnut
  • Size: 100 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
  • Material: Lamimnated MDF, ENGINEERED WOOD
  • Item Size: 48.5 inches (H) x 7.75 inches (W) x 7.75 inches (D)
  • Individual shelf dimensions are: 7.75×7.75 inches




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