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Today’s Deal

Get Spotzero by Milton Mini Spin Mop at 45% OFF. The product is available @ ₹600, while it’s original price is ₹1,100.

    Spotzero By Milton Mini Spin Mop

    -Aqua Green 

    Get 45% OFF on spotzero spin mop. 1

     Price : ₹600    [ 45% OFF ]



    • This is a mini mop and is smaller in size with water capacity of only 5 ltrs

    • Bucket height : 1.29 ft, Bucket width: 0.67 ft, Rod length: 4ft

    • The mop does not comes with wheels

    • Material: Plastic, Color: Aqua green

    • Item Dimension: 395mm x 220mm x 205mm

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    Product Description

    Spotzero mini spin mop is one of the most largest selling mop in india by milton. The major advantage of this mop is the quality and durability which is assure by hamilton. Mini spin mop comes with a microfiber refill which has the capacity to absorb 3 times more liquid than normal cotton and is more durable. The handle of the mop is durable and long lasting. Mini spin mop is the only mop in its categor which carries 1 year manufacturer warranty.

     Mini spin mop handle is very sturdy and long lasting. The mop is 360 degree movable and can perform deep cleaning. Bucket of the spin mop is divided in 2 section for separate wringing and cleaning operation. The mini spin mop comes with and handle to lift the bucket eaisly and a water outlet to remove dirty water.


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