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Amazon Set Wet Studio X Edge and Impact Perfume Spray For Men, 49ml (Pack of 2) (Best Buy deal Of the Day) 1

Set Wet Combo at just 299: Hello viewers, Here is another deal from Amazon, In this deal, you can purchase set wet X edge and impact perfume pack of two just for ₹299 and you can also avail an additional  20 % discount,This is the best deal coming from Amazon today, So grab it before anyone else

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Product description

Set wet an active player in the deodorants category. These new ranges of deodorants from set wet are a burst of color, energy, and youthfulness. It prevents body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits and other areas of the body. Set wet cool avatar deo: you are the king of sun and sand. The sporty one, who’s up for anything. You enter and the beach comes alive. You play ball. You pull off stunts on water. And of course, are tagged in every beach selfie. Make set wet your ally. Your avatar is a cool avatar. Set wet charm avatar deo: you bring lovastatin alive every morning. You know what they want. And are not afraid to make the first move. You’re 100% compatible with every sun sign. No wonder you’re called the real love guru. Don your charm avatar and make this set wet fragrance your plus one. Set wet chill avatar deo: you make time stand still. You are in no hurry to make the occasion yours, enjoying your own coolness. Unwinding for you is easier done, than said. And when you’re with your buddies, even time takes a break. Make set wet your hang-out buddy. Your avatar is a chill avatar.

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