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    We are back with another AMAZON DEAL OF THE DAY. Avail 50% OFF on Set Wet Perfume [ Pack of 2 ].

    Set Wet Perfume, 120ml (Spunky and Funky Avatar, Pack of 2)

    50% OFF on Set Wet Perfume [ Pack of 2 ] [ amazon deal of the day ] 1

    Offer Price : ₹220  [ 50% off ]

    Product description

    Set wet an active player in the deodorants category. These new ranges of no gas deodorants from set wet keeps you fresh. Fragrances exclusively created for parties and daily routine to keep you smelling good. It prevent body odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits and other areas of the body. Set wet spunky avatar perfume spray: you are the one with the spunk everyone looking for.

     You crave adventure, your determination defines you. You have got the style, the attitude and the presence. Your panache and pizzazz make you unmissable. Your fearless energy is infectious. Make set wet your partner. Your avatar is spunky avatar. Set wet funky avatar perfume spray: you are the one who stands out, the one who defines cool. You dance to your own rhythm. You striking presence makes everyone dance to your beats. You conventional yet modern style let you make a statement wherever you go. Make set wet your pal.


    • Fresh fragrance that is long lasting.

    • This fragrance is perfect for your day out, be it shopping, movies or just chilling.

    • It gives you a masculine appeal that stays all day long regardless of what you do, where you go.
    • Turn on the charm and improve your confidence without saying a word.

    • Set wet spunky avatar: a fresh fragrance with top notes of citrus and a heart of almond, culminating into hushed tones of vetiver, cedar wood and guaiac wood.

    • Set wet funky avatar: a fresh fragrance with strong notes of spicy citrus, a heart of earthly lavender notes and a sign-off of signature musk tones.

    • Safe on skin.

    • Also available in other variants.

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