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15 secret ways to save more on


1. You can trade in your gadgets for cash

You can send in your old gadgets, including

phones, tablets, cameras and more, as well as old books and

textbooks in exchange for an Amazon gift card. The items

must be in decent condition and the shipping is even included!

2. Amazon price matches TVs

If you buy a TV and a find a better price

somewhere within 30 days (on Amazon or at another retailer),

Amazon will match the price and send you a refund in the form

 of a gift card.

3. Get used, opened or refurbished items on super deep discount

Amazon sells items that are used, opened, damaged or refurbished

at super discounted prices. Available products range from TVs and

electronics to home goods and smart thermostats. Items are listed by

quality, including very good, acceptable and like new.

4. Students can save even more

Being a student typically comes with a tight budget,

so Amazon offers students a free six-month Prime membership.

When the six-month trial is up, you can renew the subscription

for only $49 — half of the regular annual membership fee — for up to four years.

The retailer also offers students other special deals and discounts.

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5. Amazon has an outlet This is where you’ll find the

super discounted prices. Amazon Outlet offers products in pretty

much every category that are on clearance — and these deals can save you up to 80%!

6. Parents get special perks Amazon Family offers special deals and discounts on things

like household goods and age-based product recommendations, as well as 20% off diaper

subscriptions and 15% off any remaining baby registry items. Check it out here.

7.  Share your Prime membership

Amazon does allow you to add other individuals onto your Prime account,

but technically they should be members of your household. Here’s

 what Amazon says about sharing Prime benefits:

8. Buy when the price drops Amazon price tracker site

monitors millions of products on Amazon and alerts you when the price drops on items you want.

9. Get your money back for missed delivery dates

If you purchase something that qualifies for free shipping with Amazon

Prime and it doesn’t come on time,  you may be able to get a one-month extension

of your membership for free. If you don’t have Prime, Amazon will refund the shipping

costs if the item arrives late. More details here.

10. Save on everyday items with Subscribe & Save

On many household essentials and grocery items, Amazon offers you the option

to “subscribe” to the product and offers a discounted price if you do so.

This is the retailer’s Subscribe and Save program.

11. Shop around for cheaper prices

Check out sites like PriceGrabber and PriceBlink to find lower prices and coupons.

These sites actually scan the internet for cheaper prices while you’re viewing products on Amazon.

12. You can shop on Amazon using points

If you have credit card rewards points, you can use them for purchases on Amazon.

Just use that card to make the purchase and apply however many points you want to

go toward that transaction at the time of check-out.

13. Use a coupon aggregator Coupon aggregator plug-ins like Honey will automatically find

coupons for you and apply them at checkout. Just install the plug-in and it will do all the work for you!

14. Choose longer shipping time to save

When Amazon Prime members get to checkout, just choose the 5-day shipping option (instead of the 2-day)

and you’ll get credits in your account to use for future purchases.

15.  Use to get the best prices

“Our free Amazon price tracker monitors millions of products and alerts you when prices drop,

helping you decide when to buy,” the company states on its website.




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