(Tech News) Trick to Boost Jio Speed by 60-70% (Latest Working Method)

                       Newest Trick To improve Jio speed

    Tech News: Hello Everyone, hope you are enjoying our recharge and shopping loot tricks, today we are back with some amazing trick through which You Can improve jio net speed by 60-70%

    Here I am providing only one method which will work 100% to boost your Jio net speed, after using trick  if you are still not getting the speed you can  message us on our FB page, we'll be happy to assist you

    So without wasting further time, let's begin to our main trick, Simply just follow below steps

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    Steps to gain jio net speed June 2019 working trick:-

    •  Go to setting & Sim cards &  networks.

    • Select the Jio sim from options

    • Go to Access point names

    • Click on New and Create a new Access point

          ***use below details to set up access point***

    • Name: Jio LTE V6.8
    • APN: JioNet
    • Proxy: Not Set
    • Port: Not Set
    • UserName: JioNet
    • Password: Not Set
    • Server: www.Google.com
    • MMSC Proxy: Not set
    • MMsc Port: Not Set
    • MCC: don't change
    • MNC:  Don't Change 
    • authentication Type: PAP
    • APN Type: Not set
    • APN protocol: IPV4/IPV6
    • APN roaming Protocol: IPV4/IPV6
    • Bearer: Select LTE, HSPAP, GPRS [LTE is must from the other two]
    • keep other settings unchanged

    • Save Apn and Select Jio LTE v6.8 

    • Now enjoy high-speed data 

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