Secret Trick to quickly score 3000 runs in Google pay Tez shots Game (Google pay trick)

    Hello everyone, we are back with a new amazing secret trick in which you can score more runs in less time Tez shot game by google pay, 

                    Google pay has launched a unique game in its google pay app platform called Tez shots, In this game, you have to score some runs to get a reward as scratch card
    We have found a hidden trick in which you can score high runs in less time and also make the higher best score records, Just Follow below steps...

    Hidden Trick to Score Higher Runs

    1: Update the app to the latest version if not already

    2: Click on this link to go to Game directly

    3: Click on Play Now Button

    4: Now the secret trick is that you have to continuously keep tapping on Bat Button with no rest

    5: That's it, Keep playing the game using this trick and score more runs 

                     (See below Gif to understand better)

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    1. Thanks for sharing this trick

    2. Not a good trick. Try to read the balls. I have stated today and i l've already crossed 100 runs 5 times.

    3. chutiya hai tu saale